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Mesoporous silica shell for enhanced DNA binding

Easy purification using a simple  magnet

Magnetic core

Magnetic Silica Allows for Easy DNA Extraction

       This project stems from a need for an improved way to extract DNA.

Currently the standard silica column technique for extracting DNA can take

well over an hour to run, uses several organic washes which need to be

collected and thrown out separatly and isn't particularly efficient.

Alternatively DNA can be chemically altered to bind to special paramagnetic

nano particles and removed mechanically with an electromagnet.

While this is better, it requires chemical modification of the DNA which risks

destroying it, or at the least wasting more time on removing the modification.


Magnetic particles change all that.


      By coating the paramagnetic nanoparticles in a silica shell the pros of

both systems are utilized without any of the cons. And because of the silicas

porous structure, adherence of DNA is increased with the massive accessible surface area. Our version of these sorts of particles are made through a green one pot method and a single 100ml synthesis can produce enough particles to run 50-100 DNA extractions. Simply lyse your target cells and add the particles along with the binding solution. The binding solution consists of common salts (glycine/potassium chloride) and by adjusting the relative concentration, different types of nucleotides can be bound. After a good mix you can either use an electromagnet to physically remove the beads, or use a permanent magnet to hold the beads in the reaction vessel while you remove the waste fluid. Removed beads can be deposited in an elution fluid, typically distilled water with or without buffer, and the beads will release their DNA cargo. 


     This simple solution allows for easy extraction of DNA in minutes and with far less work.

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