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About Us

The Thought Emporium is a research and education collective focused on the development and exploration of technology. We pride ourselves on taking an interdisciplinary approach to solve problems in science and engineering. 

For us one of the most important things is to make science open so that anyone can access the data and protocols for themselves. One way we do this is through the creation of educational videos that explore a variety of topics and projects. 

As we develop projects we often put together complete tutorials explaining exactly how the research works so that it can be replicated by any. A small selection of the videos are available here, but to see the whole collection be sure to check out our YouTube channel


To help support the continuation of our research and the publication of information, we also offer a line of science themed merch which can be found in the store tab, and have a patreon account, a link to which can be found in the bottom bar.


For inquires about our research please use the contact us tab.

Who We Are

Justin Atkin

Founder/Researcher/Media Production

Specialty: Biology, genetics, Physics, 

Francois Proulx


Specialty: Plasma and high temp engineering, Material Science

Jonah Hoppenheim

Additive manufacturing specialist

Specialty: FDM 3d Printing

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