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Study Buddy: Instructions



The study buddy is made to work with many commercial electrodes but home made electrodes work just as well. If you're using commercial electrodes simply connect the banana plug leads coming out of the study buddy to the electrodes.


To make a set of electrodes, cut a piece of soft polyurethane kitchen sponge into a rectangle measuring 5cm x 3cm and 2cm thick. Poke a 2-3cm deep hole in one of the two smallest sides (the one that measures 2cmx3cm) to form a slot for the electrode connection. Press one of the banana plug leads coming out of the study buddy into this hole to make the connection.


To function the electrodes need to be soaked in saline solution. Saline can be bought but it's cheaper and easier to make it. To make saline add a 1-3 teaspoons of salt to 100ml of water. Distilled water is ideal for this, but tap water will work.  Add enough saline to the electrodes so they are damp, not soaking wet




To use, apply the electrodes to your head either using a hat or headband depending on the placement you wish to use. For a list of placements and their uses visit:


We suggest the accelerated learning placement with the red electrode above your right temple and the black electrode on your left shoulder.


Wear the unit for 20 minutes with the power and electrodes on while relaxing. You’ll have approximately an hour and a half of accelerated learning after this time. Only turn on the unit once the electrodes are in place. Do not turn on before.




The study buddy is not a medical device and is not intended for treatment of medical conditions. Use at your own risk. 

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